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Oaxacan Handwoven Palm Baskets

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Palm baskets handwoven by artisans in Oaxaca, México. Palm weaving in this part of México has been honed over generations; these baskets are entirely braided by hand (no machine sewing involved). Crafted using long strips of dried palm leaves, these baskets represent some of the best and most meticulous palm weaving techniques in the region. The baskets require time and skill - and it shows. 

Sturdy, yet flexible, and durable. Perfect for storing blankets, pillows, towels or toys - we also love them in lieu of a pot for indoor or outdoor plants or to hold floral arrangements. Office organization or bathroom storage - your imagination is the limit.

Note: the size and exact dimensions of these baskets will vary slightly. Every basket is woven by hand, and each feature the unique variations that are to be expected in handcrafted items.

  Small - 8" H x 6" Diameter
  Medium - 10-12” H x 7 - 8" Diameter
  Large - 14.5" H x 11 - 12.5" Diameter
Materials: Dried palm leaves
Care: Dust regularly. No other care should be necessary.