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Mezcal Lover Gift Box - White

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The perfect gift box for the mezcal lover. Each box includes a pair of white ceramic copitas, a jar of tasting salts, and a hand-painted ceramic tray to hold the salts and other garnishments (we recommend orange slices). Add your favorite bottle of mezcal (not included) to complete the set.

Every box is finished with a ribbon, ready for gifting. If a gift note is desired, please include the text in the message at checkout.

Each gift box contains:

Set of 2 Mezcalero Mini Cups. Small clay cups with a matte white finish dipped in a shiny glaze. Intended for sipping mezcal, tequila, or your favorite spirits (also appropriately sized for espresso). The wide mouth allows the spirit to breathe so you can smell the aroma. Handcrafted in Puebla, México in a women-owned studio.

Tasting salts with agave worm. Also known as "worm salt", these artisanal salts are a spicy-salty combo made of roasted and ground worms (from the larvae that inhabit the agave plant), chilies and salts. Traditionally served with orange slices to enhance the mezcal tasting experience. They can also be applied to the rim of a copita or cocktail vessel. 50 grams. Made in Mexico by Sal De Aqui.

Talavera-style Ceramic Tray. Hand-painted in Guanajuato, México by a family-owned small business. A strikingly beautiful serving tray to hold the mezcal copitas, tasting salts, fruit, and other garnishments or snacks.