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Cilindro Ceramic Vases - Various Sizes

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Cilindro ceramic vases designed and handcrafted in Guadalajara, a region of México with a long history of ceramics production. Simple, earthy tones and a stone-like texture make these decorative vases distinctive and stunning. Featuring natural burn marks from the firing process. Every piece is slightly different in color and markings due to the handmade nature - which is what makes each one so special.

We work with an artist, Dario, who designs and crafts each piece in his small studio. He utilizes local clay from the Tlaquepaque region. Dario is committed to keeping pre-Hispanic ceramic techniques alive today and, accordingly, he fires each piece with one of two ancient techniques: an open fire, or a pit fire. The result is a very unique style of pottery that is both contemporary and rustic.

  • Handcrafted in Guadalajara, México
  • Materials: Locally sourced clay
  • Sizes (approximate - due to their handmade nature, sizes will vary by piece):
    • Extra - Small (shown with a cactus): 2.5" x 3.5"
    • Small: 4.5" x 5" 
    • Medium: 6" x 7"
    • Large: 7" x 8"
  • Intended as decor or for dry stems only
  • If needed, rinse carefully in water and lay upside down on a towel to dry 

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful handcrafted vases

I got this vase in medium, and love it so much that I'm getting it in Large and Small as well, so I can have a full collection. I love the earthy tones and texture. I love using mine for dry branches from the desert. And it looks amazing even just by itself. Highly recommend it!