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México has a vibrant history of incredible artisanship. Techniques and traditions passed through generations utilize local materials to create intricate and one-of-a-kind goods. From basket weavers in the Sierra Gorda mountains to the handlooms of Oaxaca, from teak wood of the Yucatán to the ceramics of Puebla, regional treasures abound. Creating these pieces of true art requires time and skill, and in the result, it shows.


To support and promote México's rich and colorful craft culture, we collaborate directly with dozens of artisans throughout more than 13 regions of México to offer an array of handcrafted goods.

Our collection of homewares fuses contemporary design with traditional techniques and natural materials. By directly working with artisan partners, we ensure fair compensation and a collaborative environment.

We hope that our products will transport you to the streets, sights and smells of México, and we invite you to bring a piece of its heart and soul into your home.


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