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Conserva Collective Soap - Balandra

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All-natural, sustainable soaps handcrafted in Baja, Mexico by a cooperative of women working in conjunction with Conserva Collective to promote marine conservation and sustainable livelihoods. We love these soaps for many reasons - amazing scents, exfoliating properties, local and natural ingredients - but their outsized social impact is what has us hooked.

Conserva Collective is a mission-driven organization founded to create alternative sources of income in Baja, California, where the majority of small towns and communities depend on fishing. However, in this region of the world (like many), unsustainable fishing - including the use of gill nets and bottom trawling - are destroying many of the coastal ecosystems. The fishing communities who have depended on these waters for survival are now on the brink of collapse and are in need of alternative forms of income to support their families.

Conserva Collective created a program to harvest sargassum, a seaweed that washes up in abundance in Baja and is becoming increasingly invasive. The sargassum is used as an ingredient in the soaps and is a natural exfoliant + skin-replenishing ingredient. Conserva Collective works with a women-led cooperative to collect the sargassum and handcraft the soaps. 

  • Seaweed + Gardenia 
  • Ingredients: sustainably harvested palm & coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera & essential oils.
  • The combination of oils provides the perfect balance of cleansing, lather, and moisture, giving the bar a silky feel. The sargassum adds exfoliating properties, and the gardenia leaves a light, floral scent on the skin.
  • 5% of proceeds donated to a mangrove restoration project in Baja.